Farrow & Ball are among the most popular paint and wall paper suppliers. The company was founded 1946 by two work colleagues John Farrow and Richard Ball, both chemists working in a clay factory in Dorset. They made the decision to use traditional methods and natural pigments to make their range of paints. In their early years the Company supplied paint for the War Office, The Admiralty and Ford Motor Company and Raleigh Bicycles.


In the late 1960’s the Company was sold to Bakers and the business moved to a new factory in Wimborne following a fire.


The 1990’s were the decade of change for the Company. A new management team comprising Historical Decorator Tom Helme and Corporate Financier Martin Ephson were appointed and the Company began forging links with the National Trust, creating a range of paints suitable for use on historical buildings and producing colours in keeping with the age of the properties.


The Company have continued to keep one step ahead of the competition and in 2010 decided that the complete range of paints would be water based to protect the environment and reinforce the ethos of the brand.


Today the Farrow & Ball name is synonymous with quality and innovation and environmentally friendly products, to get a quotation to use these products from a quality Decorator in Hailsham, call ARK master decorators today.